Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Portfolio Surgery

After spending the last 2 hours in a lecture theatre at UWIC's Howard Gardens campus in Cardiff, listening to D&AD Senior Manager Rhiannon James and some design professionals a few of us signed up for the following portfolio clinic, where students get the opportunity to show their portfolio & work to professionals, either attempting an interview or just a scan through the portfolio to locate strengths and weaknesses.

We were initially located to see 2 designers, for some reason though (I think I was the only one) I got to see 4 different designers. Which was interesting yet stressful and it didn't allow me any time in-between two talks to get some notes written down.
In fact, I was pretty damn pleased that Phil, the last professional I was talking to, took some sticky notes for me and put it in my portfolio. Funny enough - seeing so many different designers I got confused by their opinions of my portfolio.
Overall I got a 3:1 plus points for it though. But the one minus point didn't wanna leave my mind and I guess that's only a good thing - as designers we wouldn't be any good if we couldn't take criticism - I do believe it just makes us work, think, try harder.

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