Sunday, 10 October 2010

D&AD Rep and Talk

Right, how am I gonna put this.
My tutor came up to me within the first week back in uni and asked me if I want to be the D&AD Rep for the 3rd year, again. I happened to be in the same position last year, being the 2nd year D&AD Rep.
After one year of being this Representative for the Design & Art Direction organization or if you want to, let's call it an educational charity, I'm still not quite sure what it means or what I'm supposed to do.

I've been invited to a couple D&AD events last year, but failed miserably to get involved - shame really. I did try hard a few times, but the events of interest weren't supposed to be for 2nd year reps. Gutted.
So this might change this year - when I'm actually allowed to attend some meetings.
Let's see how that goes.

Former, I guess I'm meant to keep my class informed about D&AD events, competitions and opportunities. That's what I understood after one of my tutors attempt to explain the reps job utterly failed.


The second week back in uni, I think it was, D&AD came to our campus, Howard Gardens, for a D&AD Talk session under the motto 'tackling real life briefs and winning a student award'. That was really enjoyable - they explained how D&AD works, who they are and what sort of competitions and other opportunities they offer for students in the creative industry.
Alongside lots of professionals to talk to and learn from, they've invited i.e. Phil from See Corridor and Marcus from New Future Graphic, providing a portfolio clinic session after the talk.

See this post for the portfolio surgery.

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