Friday, 23 July 2010

Quiksilver Tony Hawk & Friends Tour - Maxïmo Park

Heading down to London to pick up two mates just to spend another couple of hours on the motorway down to Brighton to see some skater freaks and some weirdos playing music doesn't sound like fun? does! Haha.

As a birthday present for one of my mates, we were going down to Brighton to see the
Quiksilver Tony Hawk and Friends World Tour, incl. a Maxïmo Park gig down there.
After spending a ridiculous amount of time in the car and Central London, it just wouldn't stop getting less busy on the roads.

Due to the shithole some people call London and its busy rush-hour roads we actually ended up missing Tony Hawk doing amazing tricks on the biggest transportable half-pipe in europe.

But luckily we arrived just in time to get to see Maxïmo Park!
And they were amazing!

Gutted about half a birthday present,... but it was still good.

Actually managed to get an autograpgh by Sandro Dias in the end. (see last pic).

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