Friday, 23 July 2010

New hobby?

I actually started skateboarding a few weeks ago,
lol I know this might not even belong in this blog and definitely hasn't deserved an entry yet. But I'll do it anyway.
Just find it funny enough as it's pretty ridiculous to start skateboarding with 22?! Hah!

It's going allright, managed to keep some sort of balance on the board - I guess that's good xD

The reason that made me wanna start skating really is that I snowboard and recently started surfing too. So the only thing out of the 'package' I've left out so far is skating.
Well, not anymore.

Couple more Ollies and some Kick-turns and I'll be confident doing it I hope xD

PS: A great, big thanks to Matt there, credit where it's due. Thanks mate for being patient enough to teach me some basics and any advice you gave me.

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