Saturday, 1 January 2011

3D Rendering for the Real World.

I've recently downloaded the trial version of MAXON's Cinema 4D (C4D) to check out the infinite 3D world. After looking up some, über amazing tutorials by Nick Vegas, I quite enjoy myself working in the imaginative world of Spheres, Cubes, MoGraphs, Splines, Effectors and SweepNURB's.

C4D is an incredible program, I found it hard to start off with but after a good day fiddling around with it, I seem to get used to its basic functions.

Here are some renders I've produced since I downloaded the app last night. Enjoy, leave a comment.

my very first render try, after modelling tube lights and letters

second attempt, render processing...

camera 1 view

camera 2 view


  1. theses are really nice !!!!!! is it hard to make stuff like this in C4D??

  2. hey joe,
    sorry just stumbled over your comment here, didn't know you wrote something.
    All I've done was 1-2 tutorials from (Nick) is amazing. Explains it really well and makes it fun.

    Anyway, after those two tutorials I kindof felt comfortable enough and made 3 Uni projects using C4D. You learn with every click ;)