Saturday, 30 January 2010

Amazing Business Card Designs

I've found a couple of rather nice business card ideas on the web, thought it's worth to mention them in my blog. Enjoy.

Separation/divorce lawyer.
perforated business letter, envelope and business card.

Again, another lawyer that does not only split couples,
he also does it with his business card.

Quite nice to be honest, that can avoid an argument
and saves the lawyer double printing costs!

Well, now the opposite. When they finally find together again.
It's the Post-Marriage Counsellors' job.

A really nice idea for a 'debt collecting agency'
Give us the money, or we're gonna break your fingers. hah!

Also rather clever,
LUSH! Business cards come in form of a pouch, with seeds inside.
What a nice idea for any gardener-like company.

That one is smart!
It's a headhunter... to avoid leaving a trace,
just eat the business card, it's edible!

Fancy idea for a greek restaurant,
the new bloke in the kitchen smashed too many plates.
Now the owner knows how to manage it!

I liked the thinking of the secondhand shop's idea!

Personal Trainer,
Fitness Trainer business card.
Wanna read it? Stretch it!


some nice playful cutting here.

Some nice use of materials

...and again.

outstanding formats...

How about that?
It's not using ink at all.

Typographic treatment, and embossing.

Witty card cut effects.

Another example of using uncommon materials.

Nice outline cuts/shapes.

Materials again, plastic!?

Stitches, and materials.

Nice example of outstanding use of shapes.

Format and embossing.
Gotta love it!

Tag lines to attract attention.
Feminist business card.

I love the example of that dentists' card.
Simple but cool!

Guess that speaks for itself.


  1. Even more nice designed business-cards to inspire you...

  2. How inspiring! They're all so pretty! I really like all of them!!

  3. these are really amazing design you have shared..i might use it when design Metal business cards..thanks you share it.